Jin Gao

Jin Gao grew up in Beijing, China. He is currently a graduate student in the SMArchS Urbanism program in the MIT Department of Architecture, pursuing combined interests in urban research, product design, and computer science. He intends to acquire a robust, cross-disciplinary skillset to find innovative ways to contribute to the technology-driven world.

AI Timber
AI Timber Plan
Reinventing CLT material in a more sustainable way. Scan and analysis the raw timber materials using algorithms based on openCV, to calculate the optimized, organic cutting solution for timber manufacture. Use the robotic arm or CNC to cut the raw materials and assemble them physically.
with Mykola Murashko and Nikita Klimenko from Senseable City Lab and Carlo Ratti Studio at DigitalFuture, 2023
WeeHive physical prototype
A collaborative beekeeping platform for uncertain climate era. With the active use of open-sourced embedded technologies (ESP32, sensors, LoRa wireless connectivities, RFID), easy-to-use UX and a collaborative web platform that connects the data from hardware into a decentralized system, the project proposed a possible future for the long-overlooked agriculture sector.
Multi-Purpose Autonomous Vehicles - Simulating Shared Mobility Between People and Goods in Kendall Square
A project using agent-based simulation for next generation shared transportation. MAS.552 City Science Course Project.
Urban Therapy
Diagram of the urban scale therapy
An urban design proposal exploring the transformation of urban residual space into collaborative urban-scale drug addict therapy.
The Arcade Project - Design and Repositioning of the Manhattan Bridge
Model for the arcade project
Using the micro urbanism methodology to re-position the under-bridge spaces of the Manhattan Bridge with the unique context of New York Chinatown.
The Third Nature - An Epitaph of the Disappearing Dams
environment alternation after dam decommission
This research aims to reveal the dams’ historical tributes and contemporary concerns with hydropower facilities in the context of Mainland China.
Jin Gao
The Third Nature – An Epitaph of the Decommissioned Dams
Urbanism in the Expansion Field International Conference
Chance Li, Jin Gao, Ziyi Tang, Trent Tepool, Hiromu Ryan Rose
Simulating Multi-Purpose Autonomous Vehicles: Shared Mobility between People and Goods
Gama-Days 2022 Conference (as second author)
Jin Gao, Wei Chen
A Method of Historical Building Investigation and Record in Early Stage
3rd International Symposium on Architectural Heritage Conservation Technology
Jin Gao, Bo Gao
A Documentary of the Du'an Charity Canteen Project - 柴米小居建造纪
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