Merve Akdogan

An interdisciplinary designer and architect, Merve Akdogan (they/them) works in the areas of computational design, visualization, architectural design, public art, exhibition design and so on. They assess the ideas they deal with in their personal art practice and works in the context of body-space relationship based on cultural diversity, queer theories, bodily existence, bodily modifications, and their relationships with spatial aspects. In addition to their professional practices in architecture and design, they continued to work as tattoo artists in this setting, and more recently, their research interests have shifted to on-skin and wearable technologies. Human-self, human-community, human-biological organisms, human-body, body-physical space, body- virtual space, interactive extensions, wearable technologies, ecological thinking, cyborg manifestos, and queer spaces are among the subjects and relationships they discuss. They place a strong emphasis on regenerative responses to societal and cultural variations.