Sloan Aulgur

Sloan is a MArch Candidate ('25), and multi-media designer who celebrates all scales of space as essential. Her design work and interests lie in the intimate individual experience, with an emphasis on surreal interiors, "live" performances, and affect produced through various story-telling spaces. 

Her previous training in interior design prioritized both small interactive details and expansive experiential space- often testing lighting and material concepts through performative pieces and time-based productions. Sloan has previously worked as an interior designer for various firms, including Marlon Blackwell Architects, Gensler Seattle, and Somewhere Studio, and is presently a lead researcher for Matter Design. 

Sloan is a 2023 Co-Char for MIT's Architecture Student Council, a Myers-Briggs ENFJ, and an Enneagram 3w2, filled with an abundance of curiosity and humor.


A short film personifying the moon as a critique of humanity’s hyper fixation on the sun. The piece was conceptualized through a deep time narrative, and produced from a series of topographical sets and projections. MIT, Fall 2021. Core 1.
This experiment looks at actuating the medical braces of early-onset scoliosis, interested in articulating ways to nurture intimate relationships with the negatives of our bodies. The first generation piece mimics standard medical brace fabrication methods, while personifying the body armor to engage back. MIT, Fall 2021. Creative Computation.
An interactive viewfinder presenting different perspectives of the “truth” in space. A sequence of scenes are split by an internal two-way mirror, limiting the recognition of “fact” from each viewpoint. MIT, Fall 2021. Core 1.
A series of celestial dioramas exploring design in the vacuum(former) of Space. The models shares a list of fundamental laws of production, and design iterations arise from the manipulation of their shared variables. Each is piece is entirely unique, yet all follow a shared language. MIT, Fall 2021. Geometric Disciplines.
strand conservatory
MIT, Fall 2021. Core II. In collaboration with Tanya Estrina.
"planned obsolescence"
planned obsolescence
MIT, Fall 2021. Core II. In collaboration with Tanya Estrina.
sources and sinks
MIT, Fall 2022. Core III. In collaboration with Harris Chowdhary.
we're inside!
A working script and set design for a self-produced, live-action play. "We're Inside!" MIT, Spring 2023. Synchronization of Senses, ACT.