Cheung Qin

M.Arch Candidate

Cheung Qin is a candidate for the Master of Architecture degree at MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning. He received a BFA in Architectural Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019. Over the subsequent three years, he explored unorthodox avenues within architecture, immersing himself in exhibition design, contemporary sculpture practices, and digital fabrication.

His interests form a vibrant tapestry encompassing scenography, petrography, stratigraphy, and landscape, all interwoven with evocative poetic elements. At the crossroads of these adjacent principles and disciplines, Cheng envisions architecture as the adept conductor, harmonizing all aspects into a unified, cohesive whole. He believes that employing architecture to craft a spatial narrative is to cultivate intimacy, while resonating with an audience is to amplify our own narratives.