Dimitrios Moutafidis

Dimitrios is an architect pursuing a Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS AD) at MIT. He is interested in the interdisciplinary crossings of design, media theory, materialisms and philosophy of science while investigates the capacities of ancient materialities to perform within experimental design methodologies. His past research revolved around the chromatic materialities of Greek votive offerings as mediums for transforming caves into sites of transcendence. Dimitrios currently studies magnetic materialities and texturality as tactile pedagogy in the mapping of inter-planetary geographies.

Moutafidis, D., Papadimitriou, S. (forthcoming)
"Mythical Mediations: Material Transcriptions of Votive Offerings Dedicated to the Nymphs"
In the proceedings of the “3rd International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges: Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology (DCAC 2021)