Zoe De Simone

Zoe De Simone is a graduate student at MIT, pursuing a dual SM in EECS and Building Technology at MIT, and is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellow. 

Zoe works with Professors Ashia Wilson and Arvind Satyanarayan in the Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), focusing on responsible generative AI models. Zoe additionally works in the MIT Sustainable Design Lab with Professor Christoph Reinhart on urban building energy modeling. Their work aims to help cities meet emission reduction targets and increase clean energy adoption rates, equitably.

Zoe holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University, where she was a Hunter Rawlings III Presidential Scholar. Zoe held research appointments at the Cornell Environmental Systems Lab and Robotic Construction Lab, where she developed performance-driven design toolkits and surrogate ML models for airflow modeling.

Zoe previously worked as a Design System Analyst at Foster+Partners in Applied Research and Development. She developed tools to promote design collaboration including immersive, multi-use Extended Reality design systems and real-time design data exchange solutions.